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Astro Trails Future Astronomy Tours

It takes months of careful planning to create a successful astronomy tour and there are many factors to be considered such as the projected path of the event, the best spot along the path for viewing, the predicted weather for that region at that time of year and the suitability of potential viewing locations to name just a few.

We at Astro Trails pride ourselves not only on our careful planning but our understanding of the world of astronomy and our extensive experience within the travel industry. This allows us to prepare the most exciting possible holidays and offer unique travel experiences.


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Some of the future astronomical events that we will be creating holidays for:

March 2016 Total Solar Eclipse Sulawesi
February 2017 Annular Eclipse Zambia
August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Yellowstone National Park
July 2019 Total Solar Eclipse Atacama Desert, Chile
December 2019 Annular Eclipse India
June 2020 Annular Eclipse Rajasthan
December 2020 Total Solar Eclipse Atacama Desert, Chile

If you have enquiries about other specific future events, please get in touch with us.