Project Australia / Indonesia 2023 

Total Solar Eclipse Observation Sites

Com, Timor Leste, Indonesia

Com is a tiny village of a few hundred people on the east coast of Timor Leste (formerly East Timor). This is a rugged, little developed island with almost no road infrastructure.  The capital of Timor Leste, Dili, is five hours away.


Com is directly on the centreline of the eclipse track and very close to the point of maximum duration.

The observation site will be along the beach close to the jetty or you can watch the eclipse from the comfort of the vessel.

Although weather prospects are very good, we do have the option of moving along the track from Com if it appears probable that the eclipse may be obscured by cloud. This decision will be made by the group leader at the time.

Indonesia Site Data


8° 21' 44.35" S     127° 03' 44.32" E

Total Eclipse Duration 1m 13.5s

(lunar limb corrected)

Altitude: 6.3m (21ft)

Start of partial eclipse   11:46:37.9            
Start of total eclipse      13:21:35.1     
End of total eclipse       13:22:50.0 
End of partial eclipse    14:57:08.6  

(Local times)

Exmouth, Western Australia

Exmouth is a small resort town of some 2,600 people on Western Australia’s North West Cape.  In WWII a large airport was built and in 1963 a naval town serving the US Naval Communication Station and the Learmonth RAAF Base was established.


It is close to the Ningaloo Marine Park with its coral reefs, colourful fish and migratory whale sharks.   


Our observation site will be near the harbour with easy access to the bars and shops of the town.


Weather prospects are very good in Exmouth as this is the driest time of the year, apart from the very occasional tropical storm systems which can blow through the region on occasion.

Australia Site Data


21° 57' 12.20" S     114° 08' 16.91" E

Total Eclipse Duration 0m 57.5s

(lunar limb corrected)

Altitude: 5m (17ft)

Start of partial eclipse   10:04:29.4            
Start of total eclipse      11:29:44.9     
End of total eclipse       11:30:43.8 
End of partial eclipse    13:02:30.1  

(Local times)

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