Project Argentina / Chile - Annular Solar Eclipse - October 2024

Unlike a total solar eclipse, an annular eclipse occurs when the Moon is a little further away from the Earth so at this point in its rotation a "ring of fire" or annulus remains around the edge of the Moon when it moves across the surface of the Sun.  The annular solar eclipse of 2024 starts when the shadow of the moon first touches Earth in a remote part of the Pacific Ocean south of Hawaii, but it does not cross land until it reaches Easter Island, some 3,800km off the coast of South America. As the eclipse passes across the Andes of Southern Chile it is unlikely to be seen by many people in this sparsely populated region of icefields and rugged mountains.


For eclipse observers in South America, the best option is beyond the mountains in the open pampas of Argentine Patagonia - a region sheltered from the Pacific cloudiness in lee of the Andes Mountain range.

The choice of locations for this expedition offers two very different but equally remote locations - the cultural fascination of the ancient Easter Island Moai statues, or the visual drama of Patagonia’s mountains, fjords and glaciers... a choice of rare adventures, whichever one you go for!

JW_ASE2024 track map Los Horquetas.jpg


JW_ASE2024 track map Easter Island.jpg

Itineraries being developed.

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