Project Antarctica 2021

Life onboard MV Janssonius and MV Hondius

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Following is some general information about the identical ships and life onboard.

MV Janssonius and MV Hondius meet the latest and highest Lloyd’s Register standards for ice-strengthened cruise ships. Surpassing the requirements of the Polar Code adopted by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), MV Janssonius and MV Hondius represent the most flexible, advanced, innovative touring vessels in the polar regions, thoroughly optimised for exploratory voyages that provide you the utmost first-hand contact with Antarctica. 

Passengers:    170 in 80 cabins

Staff & crew:    72

Length:            107.6 meters

Breadth:           17.6 meters

Draft:                5.30 meters

Ice class:          Polar Class 6 (equivalent 1A-Super)

Displacement:  5,590 tonnes

Propulsion:       2 x ABC main engines; total 4,200 kW

Speed:             15 knots

Happier polar passengers, healthier polar environment 

Not only will the numerous amenities and onboard entertainment help make your voyage truly memorable, these ships also gives you the peace of mind that comes with choosing one of the most environmentally friendly vessels on the polar seas. Both ships use LED lighting, steam heating, bio-degradable paints and lubricants, and state-of-the-art power management systems that keeps fuel consumption and CO2 levels minimal. This means that when you sail aboard, you get to enjoy the exotic landscapes and wildlife as much as possible while impacting on them as little as possible.

Hotel comfort, expedition class

MV Janssonius and MV Hondius each offer high quality accommodation for 170 passengers in six grand suites with balconies (27 square meters, 291 square feet), eight junior suites (19 to 20 square meters, 205 to 215 square feet), eight superior cabins (20 to 21 square meters, 215 to 226 square feet), 11 twin deluxe cabins, (19 to 21 square meters, 205 to 226 square feet), 14 twin window cabins (12 to 14 square meters, 129 to 151 square feet) as well as 27 twin porthole cabins, two triple porthole cabins, and four quadruple porthole cabins that vary in size from 12 to 18 square meters, or 129 to 194 square feet. One deck consists of a large observation lounge and separate lecture room, which are reserved for a wide variety of interactive workshops, exhibitions, and performances particular to these cruise vessels. Though elegantly designed in stylish mid-century modern décor, this vessel holds true to Oceanwide Expeditions distinctive cosy and informal atmosphere.

Swift & safe ship-to-shore operations

It is Oceanwide Expeditions philosophy to keep sea time short so that they can focus instead on fast, effective access to shore and near-shore activities. To give you maximum contact with the nature and wildlife you travelled so far to see, they employ a tough fleet of rigid-hull inflatable Zodiac boats that guarantee swift and safe landing operations for passengers. MV Janssonius and MV Hondius have two separate gangways and a sheltered indoor Zodiac embarkation platform that can also be used for special outdoor activities, such as kayaking.  

The fast, flexible, friendly heart of the polar regions

Oceanwide Expeditions top priority is taking advantage of every wildlife and terrain opportunity as it occurs. To keep their itineraries flexible itineraries and their response time rapid, MV Janssonius and MV Hondius are equipped with advanced stabilisers and two main engines capable of powering the vessel up to 15 knots. However, both ships sacrifice no warmth to achieve their keen polar edge: You will have 72 crew and staff members (including expedition and hotel staff) at your service whilst onboard, ensuring that what little time you do spend on the ship you will spend comfortably entertained.

Age and nationality

Passengers on a typical voyage range from their 30s to their 80s, with the majority usually between 45 and 65. Oceanwide Expeditions expeditions attract independent travellers from around the globe who are characterised by a strong interest in exploring remote regions. The camaraderie that develops on board is an important part of the Oceanwide Expeditions experience, and many passenger groups include several nationalities.


What to wear

In keeping with the spirit of expedition, dress on board is informal. Bring casual and comfortable clothing for all activities, and keep in mind that much of the scenery can be appreciated from deck ― which can be slippery. Bring sturdy shoes with non slip soles, and make sure your parka is never far away in case one of our crew shouts “Whales!” over the loudspeaker and you have to dash outside at a moment’s notice. Opt for layers, as it is comfortably warm aboard the ship though often cold on deck.

How to pay

Refreshments and souvenirs will be charged to your cabin. The day before departure you can settle your bill with the hotel manager, paying by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or cash (euros or in some cases dollars). Oceanwide Expeditions cannot, however, accept cheques. Though the prices and standard currency on board is in the euro, other currencies may be accepted at the discretion of the hotel manager, at prevailing rates.


Electric current

The electrical supply aboard ship is 220v, 60Hz. Electrical outlets are standard European with two thick round pins, so some passengers may need a 220v/110v converter.



The customary gratuity to the ship’s service personnel is made as a blanket contribution at the end of the voyage and is divided among the crew. Tipping is a personal matter, and the amount you wish to give is at your sole discretion. As a generally accepted guideline, we suggest 8 to 10 euros per passenger per day. It is better for the crew if you tip with cash.


Non-smoking policy

Oceanwide Expeditions have a non-smoking policy inside all their vessels, though you can smoke in certain designated areas. We ask that you please respect the wishes of non-smokers.


Your physical condition

You must be in good overall health and be able to walk several hours per day. The expedition is ship-based and physically not very demanding, but the plan is spend as much time as possible on shore. You are, however, welcome to remain aboard the ship if you prefer. To join most excursions you must be able to get up and down the steep gangway ― from the ship to the water level ― to board the Zodiacs. Staff will assist you in and out of the boats, and boarding will become progressively easier with practice, but conditions on shore can be slippery and rocky. Remember, you will be travelling in remote areas without access to sophisticated medical facilities, so you must not join this expedition if you have a life-threatening condition or need daily medical treatment.