Project Australia / Indonesia 2023 

Total Solar Eclipse Itineraries

Australia is a land of abundant sunshine and a solar eclipse here provides a good focus to visit the country’s west coast.  The small resort of Exmouth is our base for eclipse observation in this remote corner of the country.


There will also be options to add extensions to visit some of the other exciting places in this vast country, including Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef Islands, Uluru (Ayers Rock) and the cities of Sydney and Darwin.


The eclipse track sweeps across Australia’s North West Cape, crossing the Timor Sea and making the next landfall over Timor Leste, the eastern part of Timor Island.  The small village of Com on the east coast of the island is our second observation location. To reach this almost inaccessible location we have a special eclipse charter on the Coral Adventurer, a luxurious small expedition vessel. The vessel will continue on from Com on an exciting cruise, visiting Indonesia’s exotic Lesser Sunda Islands.


Observing a total solar eclipse is of course the rare event that is central to this project, but there is much more to see. This is of course not an everyday adventure...

Exmouth Western Australia



£1,695 / $2,115 per person

6 Days from 17 April 2023

Perth, Eclipse (Exmouth), Freemantle

Coral Adventurer Indonesia




£7,015 / $8,775 per person

17 Days from 15 April 2023

Darwin, Nusa Tenggara Islands (Kupang, Lembata, Flores, Komodo, Savu), Broome

Stop-overs and Extensions - Details coming soon

Sydney, Darwin, Uluru (Ayers Rock), Queensland's Great Barrier Reef Islands

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