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Project Australia / Indonesia - Hybrid Solar Eclipse - April 2023

In the early hours of the 20th April 2023 the shadow of the Moon touches the Earth in the South Atlantic about 2,000km north of Antarctica. At this location the Moon is not quite large enough to completely cover the disc of the Sun and a bright circle of sunlight, or annulus remains around the edge of the Moon, giving an annular eclipse. On this occasion the curve of the Earth’s surface and the orbit of the Moon combine to reduce the gap between the two, increasing the apparent size of the Moon so that when the shadow progressed about 700km along its path the Sun is completely covered and the eclipse becomes total. A further 4,600km along the track the shadow reaches the first land, crossing the 20km wide Exmouth Peninsula, the only contact with the Australian mainland. From here the shadow continues across East Timor and parts of Indonesia, continuing almost 10,000km into the South Pacific Ocean.

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