Coronavirus (COVID-19)

It has been a long and unexpected journey to get to this point, but we are pleased we are now able to offer a definite opportunity for you to travel to Patagonia to observe this event. 


After months of careful negotiations and a mountain of hard work, our agents in Argentina have reached an agreement with the national and regional administrative and health authorities to enable the project to proceed.  The priority has been to arrange a safe trip that reduced the risk of infection to either other members of the group or to the local population, whilst continuing to enable enjoyment of the trip. Unfortunately, the itineraries are much reduced from the original objectives, but you will get a good flavour of the country (although under local restrictions) and a view of a magnificent total solar eclipse.


We have a choice of two itineraries (, both offering observation close to the centerline of the track at Fortin Nogueira near Piedra del Aguila. 

Tour operation and health precautions

Our agents and service suppliers in Argentina have developed extensive and very detailed protocols to provide maximum protection for all passengers. This includes enhanced levels of cleaning and disinfection of all vehicles and hotel premises (an outline of the service supplier details can be seen via this LINK).

All travel will be in accordance with the agreed safety protocols ( with space for social distancing and you will need to wear a face covering at all times when you are with the group.


During the 14 days prior to the trip participants will need to perform daily checks for temperature and COVID-19 symptoms. This information must be placed into a Health Form (Astro Trails will provide the format for this form) as a sworn statement and sent to Astro Trails by 9th December 2020.  This form will be sent to the Argentinian health authorities 24hrs prior to your arrival in Argentina on 11th December 2020.  Failure to complete this information in the timescales given will mean passengers will not be allowed entry into Argentina.  


During the 14 days prior to the trip participants with a temperature of greater than 37.5 ° C or with a Positive COVID-19 test will not be admitted onto the tour.


During the 14 days prior to the trip participants who live with someone who tests positive for COVID-19 will not be admitted onto the tour.


It is recommended that during the 14 days prior to the tour, passengers suspend visits to any third parties and that  they strictly follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health of  their own country and comply with the greatest possible isolation.


All participants must take out travel insurance that covers COVID-19 assistance. Details of this insurance must be attached to the Health Form. No passenger can enter the country without this insurance.  Astro Trails will be able to assist with obtaining travel insurance if passengers have difficulties.


All participants on the tour must undergo COVID-19 testing.  A negative PCR test is required in the country of origin not more than 72 hours prior to passenger arrival in Argentina.  Results of a negative test must be attached to the Health Form submitted to Astro Trails by 9th December.  Within the first 12 hours of arrival into Argentina, all passengers and staff must undergo a second COVID-19 PCR test and the laboratory result will be attached to the Health Form for each passenger.


In summary participants we be required to send the following documents via email to Astro Trails by 9th December 2020


  • A completed signed and dated Health Form (Astro Trails will provide a template to complete)

  • Details of medical insurance with specific coverage of Coronavirus (COVID-19) treatment and repatriation costs (attached to the Health Form)

  • A medical certificate with a negative Coronavirus (COVID-19) PCR test result issued at most 72 hours before arrival into Argentina (attached to the Health Form)  


We now need to have a final call for committed reservations to ensure we can confirm sufficient space for clients who want to join the project. 


Flights are now available to Buenos Aires and we can assist in making reservations for you if required. 

Updated: 9th November 2020

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