Coronavirus (Covid-19)

As everyone is aware, the virus pandemic is continuing to cause serious health problems and disruption in virtually every part of the world and we appreciate there is concern about the effect the pandemic may have on the arrangements for the Project Patagonia Eclipse Tours (December 2020).

There is still uncertainty about how it is likely to affect travel plans over the next few months, but there are signs that restrictions are now being relaxed in many places.

Tour operation and health precautions

We are in regular contact with our agents in South America and we remain confident that the project will be able to proceed. The main countries on the itineraries Argentina, Chile and Peru all reacted quickly and closed their borders very soon after cases were identified and they imposed quarantine and lock-down measures swiftly. These measures are now being followed up by tracing infections and those countries are generally showing a better outcome than Europe or the US.  Most notably, Argentina has so far achieved an extremely good outcome.

We have two main concerns in proceeding with the project - 1) We need to ensure the safety of all tour group members and 2) we need to make acceptable arrangements with the health authorities in each country to prevent transmission of the virus by visitors arriving from abroad.  For this purpose we intend to require all clients to show confirmation of a recent clear Covid-19 test when joining the tour.  We also plan to have personal temperature checks at various points along the itinerary.  This will be in addition to the enhanced levels of cleaning and disinfection of all vehicles and hotel premises.

Updated: 18 May 2020

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