Project Egypt / Spain - Total Solar Eclipse - August 2027

The total solar eclipse of 2027 is without doubt the high-spot of the decade for eclipse watchers, both for the very long duration and the possible locations from which to observe it.


Approaching from the Atlantic on 2nd August, the shadow reaches the coast of Morocco in the morning giving an eclipse lasting 4 mins 50 secs, even Gibraltar on the Spanish coast has an eclipse of 4 min 40 secs. The eclipse will be visible from a large part of Algeria and Tunisia before crossing into Libya and directly over Benghazi where totality will last an exceptional 6 mins 9 secs.  At mid-day the shadow will have crossed Egypt’s Western Desert, reaching the Nile and following this fabled river to the ancient city of Luxor. The midday Sun over the antiquities and temples of the city will be eclipsed for a remarkable 6 mins 22 secs.

Track Map Egypt/Spain Total Solar Eclispe 2027

Egypt’s southern Red Sea coast resorts around Ras Banas also experience a long duration eclipse of 6 mins 20 secs. Next on the list is Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and even on the southern coast of the Arabian Peninsula the eclipse is still over 5 mins 40 secs as it continues out into the Indian Ocean and across Somalia.

Itineraries being developed.

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