Project Greenland / Spain - Total Solar Eclipse - August 2026 

Sunrise on the 12th August 2026 will see the start of that year’s total solar eclipse on the northern coast of Siberia near the Gulf of Khatanga. This remote part of the vast Siberian Tundra on the edge of the Arctic Circle is most unlikely to have any observers of the eclipse so the shadow will progress unwatched until it reaches the north coast of Greenland. A few local inhabitants of Greenland’s east coast may possibly see the shadow, but it is not until nearly mid-day that it comes to significant human habitation crossing Iceland close to Olafsvik where the duration of totality is over two minutes and the capital Reykjavik is in darkness for over a minute.


The shadow continues across the Atlantic Ocean until it reaches the Bay of Biscay on Spain’s northern coast late in the afternoon. The dry central regions around Burgos offer an interesting location for observation, but it is probably the Spanish “Costa” holiday coast between Barcelona and Valencia which will host the largest number of observers shortly before sunset.

Itineraries being developed.

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