Project India - Annular Solar Eclipse - June 2020

Unlike a total solar eclipse, an annular eclipse occurs when the Moon is a little further away from the Earth so at this point in its rotation a "ring of fire" or annulus remains around the edge of the Moon when it moves across the surface of the Sun. This is an unusual annular eclipse because Sun is almost completely covered (99.6%) resulting a dramatic darkening of the sky with bright sparks of light visible along the edge of the Moon. A more typical annular eclipse is the annular on 26 Dec 2019 when 97% of the Sun eclipsed.  Our expeditions combine observation of this event with a visit to India.

The India itinerary offers a journey through Rajasthan, one of the most visually spectacular regions of India. This is desert country with many of the forts and palaces little changed since the time of the Maharajas. At almost every turn of the road there is a new vista of life and colour - always a feast for photographers. If you haven’t yet seen the Taj Mahal, now is the time. If you have visited India before you will see another aspect where the fierce history of the region comes to life.




£1,499 / $1,999 per person

16 Days from 10th June 2020

Delhi, Pushkar, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Deogarh, Jaipur, Agra, Taj Mahal, Chandigarh, Simla

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