Project Patagonia - Pre Tour Extension

Easter Island

Price:          £2,270 / $2,950 per person (Single Supplement £410 / $530)

Duration:     5 Days from 4th December 2020

Highlights:   Santiago, Easter Island with two full day sightseeing tours

Includes:     See below Day 5 of itinerary for full details of all inclusions

Day 2 - Fly to the remote and mysterious Easter Island

Easter Island Moai A flight out across the Pacific Ocean from Santiago takes you to Easter Island, a land dominated by 900 vast monumental statues called Moai. On arrival transfer to your hotel for a three night stay on the island.

Day 1 (4th December 2020) - Arrive in Santiago, Chile's capital city surrounded by the Andes mountain range

Santiago Chile Arrive in Santiago and transfer to your hotel for an overnight stay


Extension Tour Price £2,270 / $2,950 per person

  • The price is for the extension tour from arrival on Day 1 to your departure on Day 5
  • This Extension starts in Santiago on 4th Dec 2020 and ends in Santiago on 8th Dec 2020.
  • The price includes domestic return flights between Santiago and Easter Island. All transfers, guided sightseeing tours and hotel accommodation on a bed and breakfast basis is included.
  • A limited number of rooms for sole occupancy are available at a single room supplement of £410 / $530
  • International flight packages to join this tour extension from London and the US will be offered by our flight partner about 11 months in advance of the tour departure (when all fares and schedules are available) or you can arrange your own International flights if you prefer.
  • Current return air fares from London are between about £800 and £1,000 and from the US about $800 to $1,200
  • Airport transfers and assistance are included on extension tour arrival and departure days if you take advantage of the International flight package offered by our flight partner. If you choose to arrange your own International flights then the meet point is the hotel on Day 1.
  • You will find further details about what to expect on the Project Patagonia FAQ page here

Day 5 (8th December 2020) - Join your return flight to Santiago to join your Patagonia Project Tour

Central Market, Santiago Chile Join an return flight to Santiago today to begin your tour (additional overnights may be required - see the table at the bottom of this page for details of how this extension fits onto the various tours)

Day 3 and 4 - Spend two days sightseeing on this incredible island

Easter Island Moai Two full day tours of Easter Island visiting Anakena Beach, Ahe Te Pito Kura, Rano Raraku, Ahu Tongariki, Ahu Akahanga, Ana Kai Tagata, Rano Kau, Orongo, Ahu Huri A Urenga, Ahu Vai Teka, Puna Pau and Ahu Akivi whilst on the island. Over 900 Moai statues testify to the once complex society on this very remote island and your expert local guides will give a detailed explanation of the history. Wonderful opportunities for memorable photography during your tour of the island.

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