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Observing the meteors from a dark, clear sky is obviously the best way to enjoy the spectacle. Our choice for this year’s event is the Parc Astronomic Montsec in the hills north of Barcelona in Spain and the area around it.  Temperatures in August are around 30c, falling to around 17c at night and we can expect clear skies 80% at this time.

The Montsec Astronomical Park boasts a 12-metre diameter retractable cupola for exceptional observation on clear nights.


The Montsec range, located in the Catalan pre-Pyrenees, has exceptional conditions for observing the night sky and the stars. Its weather conditions and its low light pollution have made the area worthy of a Starlight Reserve certificate, awarded by the Starlight Foundation and endorsed by the UNESCO.

Far from big urban areas, the peaceful Montsec range and its sky, were established as a Starlight Foundation.  A Starlight Destination is a place committed to the protection of the night skies and the access to starlight, with the aim to guarantee the quality of the sky and the associated values.


The planets Jupiter and Saturn will be visible most of the night and an astronomy guide will be with the group and will provide assistance in observing the meteors and also other objects in the night sky.

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