Previous Eclipse Trips

Brian McGee is a familiar name to thousands of people who have travelled on the many astronomy projects he has organised since 1980, originally as Explorers Travel and subsequently as Astro-Trails.  Being in the right place at the right time has been the secret of the success of the ventures, whether it was a meteor storm over the Sinai Desert, a comet from the Australian Outback or the dozens of solar eclipses from the most distant parts of the earth.  Our team have many good memories of the people, places and events over the past 30 years and we look forward to joining you on many more.

Astana, Kazakhstan 1981

Surabaya, Indonesia 1983

Davao, Philippines 1988

Banka Island, Indonesia 1988

Joensuu, Finland 1990

Hilo, Hawaii 1991

Baja, Mexico 1991

Arica, Chile 1994

Tacna, Peru 1994

Curacao 1998

Venezuela  1998

Zimbabwe 2001

Australia 2002 

Libya 2006

China 2008

China 2009

Tahiti 2010

Australia 2012

Uganda 2013

Svalbard 2015

Wyoming, USA 2017


San Juan, Argentina 2019