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Project Chile 2024
Annular Solar Eclipse -
Observation Site

Easter Island

This eclipse can be observed from a large part of Easter Island, therefore it will be possible for us to make a late change the intended observation site location in the event of local cloud.


Our preferred location is the stone village of Orongo on the edge of a spectacular volcanic caldera. This site combines interesting possibilities for landscape photography and with the landmass of the island blocking the prevailing wind the location offers good prospects of a clear sky.

Easter Island Site Data

27° 11' 22.19" S     109° 26' 33.43" W

Annular Eclipse Duration 6m 12.4s

(lunar limb corrected)

Altitude: 244m (800ft)

Start of partial eclipse    12:23:48.0           
Start of annular eclipse  14:03:57.6     
End of annular eclipse   14:10:26.4 
End of partial eclipse     15:52:19.9  

(Local times)

Rano Kau and Orongo Easter Island
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