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Project Argentina / Chile 2024
Annular Solar Eclipse 
Observation Sites

Easter Island

This eclipse can be observed from a large part of Easter Island, therefore it will be possible for us to make a late change the intended observation site location in the event of local cloud.


Our preferred location is the stone village of Orongo on the edge of a spectacular volcanic caldera. This site combines interesting possibilities for landscape photography and with the landmass of the island blocking the prevailing wind the location offers good prospects of a clear sky.

Rano Kau and Orongo Easter Island

Easter Island Site Data

27° 11' 22.19" S     109° 26' 33.43" W

Annular Eclipse Duration 6m 12.4s

(lunar limb corrected)

Altitude: 244m (800ft)

Start of partial eclipse    12:23:48.0           
Start of annular eclipse  14:03:57.6     
End of annular eclipse   14:10:26.4 
End of partial eclipse     15:52:19.9  

(Local times)

Las Horquetas, Patagonia

Ruta 40 is Argentine part of the Pan-American Highway the stretches north from the southern tip of the continent though the length of the continent.


The track of this annular eclipse crosses the Highway near the 1,000km point of Ruta 40 at Las Horquetas in the Province of Santa Cruz. This dry region of the Pampas, sheltered by the dominating Andes Mountain chain will be the location of Argentine observation site.

Las Horquetas, Patagonia, Argentina.jpg

Patagonia Site Data

48° 11' 43.17" S     71° 11' 14.62" W

Annular Eclipse Duration 6m 10.9s

(lunar limb corrected)

Altitude: 633m (2076ft)

Start of partial eclipse    15:59:44.9           
Start of annular eclipse  17:21:48.7  
End of annular eclipse    17:28:07.1
End of partial eclipse      18:42:24.8  

(Local times)

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