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MERCHANDISE:  T-shirts, Hoodies, Caps and Mugs

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BOOK:  Solar Eclipses 2024 to 2027

Solar Eclipses book 2024 - 2027 Sheridan Williams

Where and When to Experience Totality


Author: Sheridan Williams 

Published:  13th March 2023

Size:  130 X 198 mm

Edition:  1

Number of pages:  128

25% Discount Code (off RRP): ASTROECLIPSE25

APP and BOOK:  Solar Eclipse Timer and TSE2024 Book

Solar Eclipse Timer and Book

The Number 1 App used in 2017 for timing the American Total Solar Eclipse!


Author: Gordon Telepun


The app is FREE to download and play with.  There is an in-app purchase for the 2024 eclipse data set for USD$1.99

Digital book USD$9.99

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