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Consumer Protection

Travel projects and expeditions arranged by Astro Trails Ltd. comply with the UK Package Travel Regulations and safeguards are in place to ensure any payments you make to the Company are not at risk.


Payments to Service Providers

The services we provide will normally commence at a hotel at the point of arrival and end at a hotel on the final day of the project. Payment for all parts of your travel package is made in advance of your arrival to the service providers. Astro Trails Ltd maintains insurance cover against the possibility of service provider insolvency.


Trust Account

All payments you make to Astro Trails Ltd in advance of travelling are deposited in a Clients Trust (Escrow) Account

controlled by the Independent Trustees until it is paid to the service provider for your travel arrangements.

Details of the trust account can be found on Protected Trust Services​


We do not offer or operate flights however we do work closely with flight specialist Star Travel UK Ltd who can provide information on suitable flights to connect with our projects. There is frequently a wide choice of airline services and a range of price options. You are free to make your own flight arrangements if you prefer.



The ATOL consumer protection system in the UK provides a guarantee against travel organiser insolvency for flight inclusive package holidays. As International flights are not included in our projects this is not appropriate or adequate cover, however if you make your flight reservations with Star Travel UK Ltd (or other flight consolidators), they will be able to issue an ATOL certificate if you wish.



We strongly recommend you should take out a good quality comprehensive travel insurance policy. With most policies you can also add Schedule Airline Failure Insurance as a separate item if it is not included.

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