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Astro Trails is the latest version of a project which started in 1973 when Transolar Travel, a small UK travel agency, chartered a cruise ship to take members of the British Astronomical Association and their friends to observe a total solar eclipse off the coast of West Africa.  David McGee, the owner of Transolar went on to run projects to follow the Apollo spaceflight launches from Florida, and from 1979 his brother Brian McGee took over responsibility for continuing the organisation of solar eclipse tours and he is still involved in the operation to this day. 

​The projects have operated under a number of different company names (Explorers Travel Club, Explorers Tours, Astro Expeditions), but the company ethos remains the same - to provide the opportunity for interested people to experience the extraordinary sight of a total eclipse of the Sun.

In summary Astro Trails is a specialist programme featuring solar eclipse tours and tours based on other unusual astronomical or scientific events.  We have arranged expeditions to almost every Total Solar Eclipse since 1979 and our long experience and careful planning enable us to offer the best locations and the most interesting and inspiring travel experiences as an integral part of your journey.

Core Team

Brian McGee Astro Trails Founder

Brian McGee

Julie Whitehead

Caroline May


Chief Explorer 

Flight & Travel Specialist

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Team Co-ordinators

Jenny Downing

Claire Phillips

Lynn Hamer


Yvonne Mason

Gianna Karagoz

Valeria Vallenas

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Angelica Navarro

Lorena Serpa

JuanJo Lazcano

Stephanie Pajuelo

Stephanie Pajuelo

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