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Project Australia - Total Solar Eclipse - July 2028

The total solar eclipse of 22nd July 2028 starts in the Indian Ocean, with the Cocos Islands being the first land in line for the eclipse with a mid-morning eclipse and a duration of around three and a half minutes.  Then the shadow moves over Christmas Island giving an eclipse of almost four minutes over this remote outpost. The longest duration of this eclipse is at the mid-point of the track and in 2028 this will be just under five minutes and ten seconds, near the north coast of Australia close to the border of Western Australia and the Northern Territory. The track then moves across the vast “Red Centre” desert of the country, a region of abundant sunshine and fascinating geological landforms

Australia Track Map 2028 Total Solar Eclipse

A late afternoon eclipse over the city of Sydney will be the final point the shadow crosses in Australia before is moves over the Tasman Sea to the South Island of New Zealand where the spectacular scenery of Milford Sound with have three minutes of darkness and the city of Dunedin will see the Sun set in eclipse.

Australia Track Map 2028 Total Solar Eclipse

Itineraries being developed.

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