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Project Egypt / North Africa 2027
Total Solar Eclipse Observation Sites

The complete duration of the three phases of the eclipse will be from about 2 hours 20 mins in Morocco to 2 hours 45 mins at the Red Sea site. The duration of the spectacular total phase at each observation location is shown here. Full eclipse data can be provided on request.

North Africa Sites

Observation of the eclipse will be from the resort of M’diq on the north coast. In this location it will be a mid-morning eclipse and the long beach is ideal for observing the eclipse. The altitude of the sun will be about 38 degrees above the horizon and the duration will be 4 mins 50 secs.

The Tunisia group will observe from a beach side location looking across the sea south of Sfax.  The sun will be at a comfortable height of 58 degrees above the sea and the totality phase will last about 5 mins 40 secs.

M'diq Morocco
Beach outside Sfax, Tunisia

Egypt Sites

Siwa Oasis
The eclipse will be around mid-day in all Egyptian locations and the oasis will be an idyllic location to observe the event.

Duration of totality will be about 5 mins 25 secs here, with the sun 75 degrees above the horizon.

An alternative observing location is being considered away from everything out in the empty desert, with a duration of 6 mins 18 secs, but this would be dependent on infrastructure (shade, toilet and catering facilities, etc) being able to be put in place.


Observation of the eclipse will be from the lush grounds of a hotel, with comfortable facilities to hand. 


Duration of totality from Luxor will be around 6 mins 18 secs from all locations, with the sun almost overhead at 81 degrees above the horizon.


Independent observation sites are an option here as the eclipse track covers a wide area around Luxor and any location within 50km from the track centreline will have a totality duration of over 5 mins.

The Red Sea

A beachside location at a small resort in the uncrowded Egyptian Southern Red Sea.  Observation is possible from many miles of empty beaches along this coast or perhaps choose to observe from the hotel swimming pool. 


Duration of totality is around 6 mins 15 secs, with the sun almost overhead at 81 degrees above the horizon. 


Observation of the eclipse and access to sea life and watersports along the hotels coral reef provides a wealth of interesting possibilities to combine a relaxing holiday with some amazing natural wonders.

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