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Indonesia 2016 Total Eclipse

Indonesia 2016 Total Eclipse

Indonesia 2016 Total Eclipse

Indonesia 2016 Total Eclipse

Indonesia 2016 Total Eclipse

Astro Trails Total Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse Tours and Scientific Expeditions

Astro Trails is a special programme of tours and expeditions featuring Total Solar Eclipses and rare or unusual astronomical and other scientific events.  Our long experience and careful planning enable us to offer the best solar eclipse experience, top locations and the most interesting and inspiring travel experiences as an integral part of your journey.

This programme is a three day extension of the National Parks Tour, visiting Meteor Crater, Lowell Observatory, Sedona, Tucson and Kitt Peak Observatory.

A total solar eclipse expedition plus a coast to coast journey from Boston on the East coast to San Francisco on the West.  Modern Amtrak Rail travel provides comfort and convenience on this route through quite spectacular scenery..

A visit to Yellowstone combined with the solar eclipse expedition, plus a rail trip through the Sierra Nevada Mountains and on through California to San Francisco.

The total solar eclipse plus Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Teton Mountains, Bryce Canyon and the incomparable Grand Canyon of the Colorado provide a magnificent backdrop for this expedition.

The Total Solar Eclipse experience visits the United States for 2017, providing an ideal opportunity to visit the extraordinary scenery of Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Teton and Bryce National Parks.  The very promising summer weather for this August eclipse is an added attraction.

We have selected three sites for this 2016 Total Solar Eclipse Tour project, the island of Ternate in the remote Moluccas region, the small town of Palu in mystical Sulawesi and the island of Belitung, a place with some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.  Price from £1,275 (includes air fare, hotel accommodation, transfers, etc.)

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