Astro Trails is a special programme featuring solar eclipse tours and tours based on other unusual astronomical or scientific events.  We have arranged expeditions to almost every Total Solar Eclipse since 1979 and our long experience and careful planning enable us to offer the best locations and the most interesting and inspiring travel experiences as an integral part of your journey.

June 2020

A deep annular eclipse is the focus for two expeditions - the forts and palaces of radiant Rajasthan, including the Taj Mahal or a visit to Oman in the heart of the Arabian desert.

December 2020

Visiting the volcanoes and ice-fields of the Patagonian fijords, with some of the worlds most magnificent scenery and observation of the eclipse from the Argentine Andes.

Dec 2021

This expedition seeks to observe a total solar eclipse from near the South Orkney Islands east of the Antarctic Peninsula. The itinerary includes South Georgia Island.