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Project Greenland - Iceland & Scoresby Sound Cruise

Price:          From GB£7,195 / US$8,795 per person

                   *Single Staterooms are on request as there are no specific Single Staterooms onboard the ship

Duration:     10 Days from 8th August 2026

Highlights:   Reykjavik, luxury all inclusive Swan Hellenic Cruise and observation of the eclipse from                             Scoresby Sound, Seydisfjordur, Heimaey, (Westman Island)

Includes:     See below Day 10 of itinerary for full details of all inclusions

Scoresby Sound Icebergs
Swan Hellenic Diana Cruise Ship
Proposed Observation Bay Scoresby Sound Haresfjord

Day 1 (8th August 2026) - Arrival in Reykjavik Iceland

Arrive in Reykjavik and transfer to your hotel for an overnight stay. Reykjavik is the world’s most northerly capital city, and seamlessly blends a traditional Nordic atmosphere with a modern, forward-thinking attitude. Unassuming corrugated iron houses sit just metres from a multi-million-pound concert hall and space age church, and busy streets play host to both laidback cafes and cool cocktail lounges. 

We are also offering a PRE-TOUR GEOLOGICAL WONDERS EXTENSION (starting 7th August 2026) which takes in the geology of the Reykjanes Peninsula, the site of the most recent volcanic activity - details can be found via the link here.

Day 2 (9th August 2026) - Golden Circle Express tour and set sail

Today we check in to the luxury all inclusive SH Diana for a late buffet lunch and set sail later on in the afternoon.  Before embarking on your cruise, enjoy a Golden Circle Express tour through the Icelandic countryside to beautiful Thingvellir National Park, the primary site of Iceland's geological and historical heritage. Also visit the countries most iconic waterfall - Gullfoss, before winding our way back through various geothermal areas to board the ship.  Overnight onboard.

Day 3 (10th August 2026) - Day at Sea

Today cross the Denmark Straits (also known as the Greenland Straits), the navigational passage between Greenland and Iceland.  The very cold East Greenland current passes through this strait and carries icebergs south into the North Atlantic Ocean. Whilst we are at sea, a lecture programme will include a briefing on the solar eclipse and talks on polar expeditions and wildlife of the area. As Scoresby Sound is normally blocked by sea ice until mid July, the ship will navigate through this years latest icebergs and depending on sea and ice conditions, we may be able to make landings or do short zodiac cruises along the coast.

Day 4 (11th August 2026) - Scoresby Sound and eclipse position scouting

Today we start to cruise the Scoresby Sound Fjords.  The outer part of Scoresby Sound is 20 miles wide and 68 miles long with high basalt walls and numerous small glacial 'tongues' descending into the sea.  We expect to sail to the northern end of the Sound before cruising inland about 40 miles southwest along the spectacular narrow Øfjord.  

Day 5 (12th August 2026) - Eclipse Day  

Today the vessel will position itself in the best location for totality. The exact area chosen will depend on weather conditions on the day, but we will be aiming for the magnificent iceberg-littered bay at the entrance to Hare Fjord.

Day 6 (13th August 2026) - Scoresby Sound

Continue cruising through the Greenland Fjords, with its ever changing vista of snow capped hills, meandering glaciers and drifting icebergs.  If sea and ice conditions allow, we will take zodiac cruises for a closer look at these vistas along the way, and we also plan to land at the small Inuit village of Ittoqqortoormiit, probably the most isolated village in the world. 

Day 7 (14th August 2026) - Day at Sea

Journey back to the Iceland coast retracing our steps.  Another chance to make landings or do short zodiac cruises along the coast if conditions permit.  Once again, a lecture programme will be available to enhance our knowledge of the area.

Day 8 (15th August 2026) - Seydisfjordur sightseeing

Arrival into Seydisfjordur and join a tour of the local area by coach, or perhaps take a more adventurous waterfalls hike in the Vestdalur Valley area.  Nestled between Mt. Bjólfur (1085m) and Strandartindur (1010m) tranquil Seydisfjordur has a relaxed atmosphere. The small town centre is known for its many original early 19th-century timber houses and picturesque setting around the lagoon. Continue cruising after lunch.

Day 9 (16th August 2026) - Heimaey (Westman Island) sightseeing

Lunchtime arrival into Heimaey off the southwest tip of Iceland.  Heimaey is the largest of the Westman (Vestmannaeyjar) Islands and the only one that is inhabited, being home to around 4,000 people, the majority of who are involved in the fishing industry or tourism.  On arrival, join a guided walking tour through the picturesque harbour area that was saved from the encroaching lava in 1973 by an army of volunteers, and see the newly formed lava fields of Eldfell (Fire Mountain).  Also visit Eldheimar Museum before we stroll back to the pier for the ships early evening departure back to Reykjavik.

We are also offering a POST-TOUR ICELAND ADVENTURE EXTENSION (starting at the end of the Haimaey sightseeing tour) which includes glacier hikes, ice caves and the geology of the Reykjanes Peninsula, the site of the most recent volcanic activity - details can be found via the link here.

Day 10 (17th August 2026) - Return to Reykjavik and disembark

Today is the last day of the cruise. Join your return flight.


Tour Price from £7,195 / $8,795 per person*

*Please note that any costings are subject to review in August 2025.  After August 2025 prices are governed by the Price Guarantee in our Terms and Conditions. *The Rate of Exchange used in this project is 1.26

Oceanview Stateroom (Deck 4) - GB£7,195 / US$8,795 per person 

Balcony Stateroom (Deck 5) - GB£8,595 / US$10,495 per person

Balcony Stateroom (Deck 6) - GB£9,425 / US$11,495 per person

Junior Suite (Deck 5 and 6) - GB£11,075 / US$13,495 per person

Suite (Deck 5 and 6) - GB£11,895 / US$14,495 per person

Premium Suite (Deck 6) - GB£14,350 / US$17,495 per person


SH Diana and Stateroom details can be seen here

Click on the link to open a Online Brochre for further details of the voyage


  • The price is for the tour from hotel check-in on Day 1 to cruise check-out on Day 10.

  • Bed and breakfast accommodation is provided in the Iceland hotel and all transfers, transportation and local excursions as outlined in the itinerary are included. The cruise from lunch on Day 2 to breakfast on Day 10 is all inclusive (breakfast, lunch, dinner, wines, sparkling wines, beer, liquor, soft drinks, water, coffee/tea, gratuities, basic wifi).  Extra charges are made for Premium beverages, reserve wine lists and superior wifi.

  • Accommodation is provided in twin or double bed hotel rooms / staterooms with a private bathroom. We are usually able to arrange shared accommodation with a person of the same gender - this is known as 'twin share' accommodation.

  • *Staterooms for single occupancy are on request.  As there are no Single Staterooms onboard the ship, we encourage single passengers to consider a 'twin share' option. Please email us if you have a specific Single Stateroom request.

  • International Flights will be offered by our flight partner approximately 11 months in advance of the tour departure (when all fares and schedules are available) or you can arrange your own International Flights if you prefer.

  • The meet point for this tour is the hotel on Day 1 (check in after 2pm) and the tour ends at the port on the final day after breakfast.  Airport transfers and assistance and extra nights at the group hotel can be arranged closer to departure at additional cost. 

  • You will find further details about what to expect on the Project TSE2026 FAQ page here.

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